Friday, 29 April 2011


 A big thankyou to those folk who have been active over the past week, there has been considerable work done on weeding borders and paths near the new plunge trough.

If any members of the association are looking for tasks to undertake in their spare time, any weeding would be greatly appreciated by the committee. Areas in dire need are around the herb area, please note: protective gear is a must, unless you are immune to stinging nettles (see photo)

A suggestion would be long sleeves and sturdy gloves, long trousers and covered sturdy shoes.

As an added precaution have stingoes on hand or similar product.

Working Bee

There will be a working bee for members and freinds this Saturday 30th April from 9am. Exeter St Camden.

Confirmation would be appreciated via text to (zero,four,six,seven 531972)

Happy Gardening Steve


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