Friday, 30 March 2012

Autumn or is it Summer.

Autumn in Camden Community Garden, and an update

Hawk Moth Caterpillars
Summer became Winter and now Autumn has become Summer, it certainly has saved us watering over Summer but its played havoc in the gardens, feathered freinds have a veritable smorgasboard of bugs to choose from with these big fat juicy caterpillars turning up in thier droves to munch on sweet potatoes, we have sighted several forms of these mass defoliation critters, 2 forms are pictured, but the local magpies and butcher birds have finally found them.

Harlequin Beetles
Thankfully they seem to have limited their diet to sweet potatoes, although snails have had a field day on beans around the gardens.

Harlequin Beetles just seem to be everywhere and if we can find a biological control now would be the time to implement it.

All the rain and humidity through summer had a detrimental effect on the likes of pumpkin, cucumbers, and watermelons, powdery mildew was rampant and alot of plants ended up rotting off. We have managed to get a batch of Qld Blue pumpkin in the ground and these have taken off, we hope to have this cropped picked going into winter, sadly not in time for the Camden Show.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Miss Llewella Camden Town Farm Community Gardens

Camden Community Garden

The gardens would like to put a call out for volunteers, do you have a keen interest in gardening! or do you just like being outside, freinds and members of The Miss Llewella Davies Camden Town Farm Community Gardens meet up every month for a free BBQ, the 3rd sunday at 40 Exeter St Camden. The next one is this Sunday the 18th of March.

This is a chance for anyone interested from the general community to exchange ideas, (OK maybe pull a few weeds) see what everyone is growing and just have a general catch up. The gardens are wheelchair accessible and have toilet facilities on site, dogs need to be leashed and children supervised, the gardens are open sunrise to sunset for inspection, produce is available in the form of herbs at the produce markets every second saturday and funds from these go back to the gardens in one step towards making it more self funded.

Friday, 2 March 2012

Where does your food come from !!

Buy local and seasonal

Kenyan Broccoli

Looking to save some money on your next shopping bill, consider buying local and seasonal, one of the biggest costs savings that can be made is by buying whats in season and equally buying locally produced produce, take the following photos as prime examples of foreign grown, on a recent trip to the UK i decided to note the number of different countries that supply food to the UK, its probably not the best example to use as if you were to overlay a map of australia on europe you would probably cover half these countries, but when we grow the likes of bananas why should we buy them from central america, when we grow citrus why would we get them from spain or the US, it does come down to buying whats in season. and local where ever possible.

Kenyan Beans
Egyptian Beans
Kenyan Corn and Snow Peas.


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