Friday, 29 June 2012

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation.

Its winter, but no reason to hibernate.

Winter on Sydneys' fringes means cool crisp mornings the odd frost and beautiful clear skies, perfect weather for getting into the garden and preparing for spring.
The facts and figures the month of June thanks to BOM whos readings are taken across the river at the airport are:
  • Total rainfall 88mm
  • Max Temp 19.9C
  • Min Temp 0.7C
  • Mean Low 4.9C
  • Mean High 16.7C
We are now over the hump so the days will start to get longer and before you know it the gardens will be a hive of activity after work once more.

Composting and Worms

Two different composting methods
Looking towards spring there is plenty to get on with, mulch your gardens to keep the moisture in, put manure crops in, want to know more, click on Green Harvest. Get some gold old manure into the garden, work in the compost, those leaves lying round put them into your garden. Want to find out more about composting click here for more info. You can also view our composters here.


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