Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Christmas around the corner

This week as promised

  • Rocket Science Workshop
  • Christmas Recipes
  • Drought proofing your garden
  •  Zucchinis
Ok, first off the ranks, Rocket Science, lets just say its the edible kind of Rocquette so don't be afraid, Camden Council is running this in conjunction  with Camden Kids, preference will be given to children <6yrs old not engaged in formal childcare, enquiries can be made via 46455106, the workshops will run for an hour, adults must accompany children, its a free workshop and is on the 17th and 19th of December at Camden Community Garden on the Town Farm site. The workshops will be a chance for youngsters (and adults) to get their hands dirty, learn a little about the origins of their food as well as take home some uselful goodies.

First off your favourite Christmas recipes from around, and to save you looking everywhere and me typing endless mateial in try the next couple of links,,, Christmas with maggie beer, these should keep you going for some time.

Summer has hit with a vengance out west, Camden recorded 37.3, and if your wondering do i need to drought proof my garden the following figures might help, courtesy of BOM.

Ave Rainfall, mm
Max Temp, C
Ave Temp, C

Friday, 23 November 2012

Yacon, Yams and Peanuts

In the news this time something a bit different veggie wise

  • Yacon
  • Peanuts
  • Yams (Oca - Oxalis Tuberosa)

Its great to see a multitude of crops appearing in the garden, very early on i planted Asparagus, it is now in its second year and won't really start cropping well till next year, although i did have a few spears this year.

Colin Mills who has done a massive amount in the garden, most noteworthy the Rosemary hedge, and we thank him for his work, planted amongst other things, Yacon, similar in form to Jerusalem artichokes, but it produces a tuber not unlike nashi pear in texture and taste, but physically resembling sweet potato. It also goes by the name Peruvian Ground Apple. You can find out more about Yacon seeds of change , its an old article but very relevant.


I found myself this year with peanuts emerging from my garden, these had ben leftovers from some i purchased last year in pots, (bit of a gimmic by the retailer) but nonetheless the few that i didnt harvest about of about a dozen have now resprouted and should produce better the the ones i bought, i also planted some at home, these have now germinated and will soon join the others.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Summer on its way

Garden update.

Potatoes Mulched

In the Update this week
  • Potatoes and our 26 spotted freinds are back.
  • Frogs in gardens.
  • Herb Garden thriving.
  • Welcome new gardeners.
  • Punkin Chunkin
Late spring rains have meant vegetables are leaping out of the ground, the potato crop planted by Narellan Congregational Community Services and by the garden volunteers/members at the garden have been emerging over the last few weeks, and a few drops of rain has made the world of difference, mulch has been applied to the crop to help retain the moisture in the ground and once finished a manure crop will go in to replenish the soil with nutrients taken up by the potatoes. We also must mention the return of our little freind the 26 spotted lady bug, measures will be looked into as far as his control goes, but for now if you see them just

Eastern Dwarf Green Tree Frog
(we think)
Verreaux Tree Frog
As well as our regular visitors to the garden, namely all our gardeners, a few critters have been spotted, our regular magpies turn up for working bees and when ever they see someone digging, obviously anticipating a free feed, the kookaburras havent been seen of late but tawny frogmoths have late in the afternoon.
 The surprise of the month was a green tree frog, spotted by one of our gardeners, this little visitor is a great addition to the community garden as well as a Verreaux Tree Frog, keep your eyes peeled when visiting.


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