Our Garden in Pictures

Welcome to Camden Community Garden - we hope you enjoy the following snapshots of our garden.

The Old Barn

The barn (left) must be one of the most photographed buildings in the area.

Morning dew hangs in the web

If you have a photo you think we might like or our readership would like to see please forward it to us via the home page contact details, we love seeing wildlife in the garden.

Local Kookaburra eyeing off lunch
Spiders coming out for a drink

Green Tree Frog (rare)
Verreaux Tree Frog
Having the lagoon close by and a creek bed feeding the lagoon it was a given there would be frogs in and around the garden, but it was certainly something of a surprise to find the little guy pictured middle above in amongst one of our gardeners Kale. At the same time another tree frog has been spotted this time Verreaux Tree Frog, the same ones often frequent our worm farms and can be found alongside the occasional Huntsman Spider.

Long neck turtle paying a visit

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