How to get involved and Committee.

How to get involved.

Little gardeners

There are several ways to get involved in the community gardens.

Basically we are a group of volunteers with a common interest, and we enjoy what we do and sharing with the rest of the community.

You can get involved in the following ways:
  • Associate Member - Join our association for a nominal charge of $4 per person, for the 1st year and $2 for renewals, attend half the working bees over the course of the year (we have 1 a month, 3rd saturday or sunday as noted on the blog homepage), this then gives you access to herbs from our communal herb garden, (if your buying herbs it works out pretty cheap) we also have communal veg growing in larger areas like pumkins and potatoes that we share as a group and with community orgs.
  • Gardener - lease/rent a garden bed from $75 to $110 per annum, plus Associate Fee, attend working bees as per above and obtain the same benefits as well as the satisfaction of growing your own vegetables.
  • Families - Join as per above. Individual family members join as associate members.
  • Groups - As per above and nominate main contact whom will also pay Associate Fee.
Raised beds are also available subject to supply and demand, the fees paid go towards insurance and set up costs of garden beds, water costs are presently covered but this may change, as such please visit our useful links page and go to the "memberships form link" this also outlines our rules and regulations.
Steve, Simon, Ray - backrow
Jai and Warwick - front row

The Committee 2011 - 2012

President - Jeff Ferrif
Vice President - David Buckley
Public Officer - David Buckley
Secretary - Steve Cooper
Treasurer - Louise Mckenna
Publicity - Steve Cooper
Ordinary Members -
  1. Ray Monahan,
  2. Graeme Robert,
  3. Annette Arany,
  4. Janet Stait-Gardiner,
  5. Jodie Harris.

The Committee 2012 -2013

President - Steve Cooper
Gardeners collecting a bountiful harvest

Vice President - David Buckley
Public Officer - David Buckley
Secretary - Kristine Boardman
Publicity - Annette Arany
Treasurer - Louise Mckenna
Ordinary Members -
  1. Joceline Gruar
  2. John Newman
  3. Ray Monahan
  4. Janet Stait-Gardiner
  5. Euan Mills
  6. Jodie Richardson
  7. France Zamudio

Below are just some of our people, we thank everyone here and those not pictured yet for their help and support in establishing "Camdem Community Garden"

Harry (left, one of our regular gardeners,
 Costa (right, just a "regular gardener")

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  1. Hi Steve
    I met you at the Camden show. We discussed having our local homeschool group coming to visit. Is the 16 of May convenient? Could you post an email address or phone number to contact you
    Thanks Sara



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